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Forbby co-worker questionnaire

Questionnaire is public since 01.Sep 2011

1. What kind of experience do you have in developing web-sites?
2. Please describe in short your work experience so far
3. When are you able to or when do you prefer to deal with web-site development?
other (please describe):
4. What kind of a person are you?
5. What is your current status?
adventurer ;)
6. Your educational background
7. Are you interested in
other (please describe)
8. What is your mother tongue?
9. What other languages are you proficient in?
10. Which country would you like to be active in?
11. What is your motivation in doing this?
Your name:

Your e-mail: – this is your unlimited marketing opportunity managed by a franchise network of marketing companies.

This is a web-site where all users can find an abundance of opportunities for marketing their products and services, finding business partners and being open to new offers!

If you have experience in marketing or sales, you are a webmaster, programmer or designer,  and would like to offer your services to new clients through, and are also interested in cooperation with the marketing network of the web-site, send us your contact details in the following form.

We are looking forward to cooperating with companies and enthusiastic individuals who would be interested in marketing and developing the web-site in different regions.

How much could I earn?

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